Summer Barista Courses for Non-prefessionals

Summer Barista Courses for Non-prefessionals

05 юли, 2016

After a brief vacation Baristo University is once again available to those who would like to develop their barista skills and espresso culture knowledge with our coffee veteran and professional instructor Nikolai Orachev.

Summer heat is here, but Baristo University has air-conditioning and they aren't capable of stopping Niki who is dedicated to teach you all the fine-thread techniques of making the real italian espresso and coffee cocktails. Nikolai Orachev is a certified italian barista trainer, by the world renouned "Italian Barista School" lead by Carlo Odelo and Paolo Simone. Niki is certified by the school in 2015 as a world-class barista trainer, profficient in the making of italian espresso, cappuccino and latte. He was also distinguished with a diploma for "real coffee art". "The most important things for making quality coffee are the size of grind and the hand of the barista" says the experienced tutor.

The course will take it's participants on a journey through all of the techniques for distinguishing and preparing the perfect espresso drink and it's variables in the course of half days on the 6th, 14th and 15th of July. During the summer of 2016 participants in the course will be albe to take advantage of a 10% discount in course price!

В посочения по-долу линк можете да се запишете, а за обедната почивка ще можете да отдъхнете в откритото пространство на университета Baristo - новата лятна тераса!


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