Baristo University: commencing the first coffee university for professionals and coffee enthusiasts

Baristo University: commencing the first coffee university for professionals and coffee enthusiasts

18 февруари, 2016

Yesterday (17.02.2016) in Sofia, "Baristo University" - the first Bulgarian coffee university open not only to professionals but coffee enthusiasts as well. The grand opening was lead by Mr. Carlo Odelo, head of the Italian Barista School, one of the most respected European coffee faculties.

It was namely Italian Barista School who supervised the creation of Baristo University - approved the teaching session programme as well as trained the Bulgarian tutors. The Italian faculty also sponsored the creation of the certification programme of Baristo University.

Thanks to them, for the first time in Bulgaria, can the coffee graduates attain the internationally recognized Italian Barista School, barista diploma after taking the appropriate exam. This makes our classes exceptionally appropriate for professionals in all the spheres of coffee service.

"Our mission in Baristo University is to strive for a newly recognized espresso culture in Bulgaria" , Mr. Stoyko Petkov, initiatior of the new educational institution said during the opening. "One of the bigger challenges which we will face is to inspire the Bulgarian consumer to distinguish an acquired taste for the coffee which they drink and therefore reduce the consumption of low-quality, unhealthy coffee drinks."

The will to inspire the growth of coffee culture nationally is precisely the reason for the university to offer amateur courses designed for coffe enthusiasts specifically. There, within the course of a few speciallized classes everyone who is willing can learn the secrets of espresso, cappuccino and other coffee specialties.

The coffee hall of Baristo University is equipped with world class coffe-making tools. The teaching space is designed according to the latest convention in coffee-education and fully mounted with contemporary presentation technology, which guarantees an education of the highest regard.

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