About us

About us

Brewing truely remarkable espresso and coffee coctails is an art form as much as it is skill in practice.

Baristo University is a national academy providing world-class barista training to Bulgarian baristas while also helping novice baristas and coffee enthusiasts attain professional skills and bring them closer to the heart of great espesso.

The university is open not only to professionals but further to the people who wish to enlighten their espresso culture and learn to prepare an authentic Italian espresso in their own home.

Baristo University directs training sessions for preparing classic Italian espresso, coffee coctails with milk (cappucino, latte) and more.

The project comes to life through our partnership with Italian Barista School, who's experts train and provide certification for the teachers of Baristo University:

Carlo Odelo is the director of Italian Tasters - Centro, Studi Assaggiatori, a leading taster kompany in Italy, also a lecturer in the International Institute of Coffee Tasters and communication manager for The National Italian Espresso Institute. Mr. Odelo is an expert in coffee sampling. Ten years ago Carlo and a group of renouned experts created the Italian Coffee Institute, aiming to spread Italian espresso culture. In the last ten years him and his team travel the world and spread their knowledge of Italian espresso with the world.

Paolo Simone is a professional barista and mentor, with great passion for coffee. He has spent years on perfecting his craft of making Italian espresso. Coffe hybrids, taste and baking techniques are targets of his experimentation whilst managing three privately owned coffe shops in North Italy. His services include consultancy for coffee maker around the wolrd for the preparation of belnds, baking methods and quality control. Paulo has devoted several years in London to becoming a professional barista - this inspires him to experiment and create trademark coctails. Naturally with espresso coffee.

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